Thursday, December 24, 2009

PMR 2009

One of my SIL akan pergi amek result PMR dia today.
According to the news, the result will be reveal at 10am.
So, i bet my SIL will go to her school (MRSM) with my MIL.
Ho. Ho. Ho. I was wrong. My bad.
She was too scared to let her parents come together.

I talk to her thru fon at about 10.30am this morning.

SIL: Tak kuar lagi result la kak..cikgu kate 10.45 baru kuar.
Me: Okeh, take care. Akak call balik nanti..

Hehe. So, at 11.30am i managed to get her on the phone. Suddenly her voice is not
as happy as our first conversation. Reason: She only managed to get 7A's 1B.
For me, that's gud enough! Maybe die ralat sebab perbezaan markah for the B's subject hanyalah 4 markah..Sigh.
It's oke dear! You've done an excellent job indeed!
Try to aim for 9 A's for your next public exam (SPM).

Have a good day everybody!!

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