Friday, January 15, 2010

Domino's Pizza

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If I have to choose between all the pizza suppliers in KL, I'll definitely pick Domino's Pizza.
I still wonder why some of you people dont want to experience or fill your tummy will their delicious pizza. And yes people, we had Domino's for our dinner last nite~ Yummmyyy~
After work, we went to Melawati to fill the fuel. Suddenly hubby asked what we are going to have for our dinner. I replied to him that we are not going to buy anything as we still have bread ang chips. But my hubby decided that we are going to have Domino's for our scrumptious dinner.
Yabedabeduuu! So, there we go. We ordered 2 regular pizzas. 1 pan with BBQ Chicken + double decker (extra layer of cheese underneath the filling,with additional RM5), and the other one is seafood thin crust pizza). We paid for the total RM35. +kechinggg+
The good news is, if you get your pizza(s) more than 15 minutes, you will get RM10 voucher for free man! Aren't they fantastic,no? Huh, we finished our pizzas at no time. Both pan are cleared in half an hour. Haha..I'm sure another kilos will be add up to my curent weight. Demmit!
But for the sinful pizza, never mind. I'll be fasting next week. Hoho..
Puasa ke? ('_,')?

Nota kaki: Domino's Pizza memang marvellous~

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