Friday, February 5, 2010

27 years 'young'

Today I am celebrating my 27 years of glory.
Seriously I can't accept it. Heheh.. Tua already.
I have 3 more years before I reached 30's.
Heheh,so as usual, birthday or not, life still goes on.
Morning, I reached office at about 7.10am.
Early huh? I open my bag, and I saw a birthday card~
Heheh,hubby put it on my bag while I put my make up's on and
put on my tudung. Heheh..nice~
So, while I am doing my works, our office clerk intercom me;
"Nurulliza, datang depan kejap"
 Opss..I saw a guy with a bouquet of flowers. Oh my~
Almost fainted. Malu. It's from hubby~ Yezzaaa~
Thank you sayang~

Nota kaki: Received many birthday wishes. From, Mak, Ayah, Along, Farah,            Kiah, Yong and many more..Thank you all~

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