Thursday, February 4, 2010

Busy bee

Hello blogger~ G'day! 
I have been so demm busy for the past 2 weeks. Of course pasal kerja.
Yesterday, I managed to finish up my task, and I managed to sneak out
during working hours. I filled in the form, and get my boss to sign.
Balik rumah, change, with hubby together we off to Pavilion.

We went straight to The Loft, as I'll attend their baking class.
Approximately there are 10 of us excluding chef(s) and Angie, their marketing manager.
The first person that I noticed was Kak Ila (Fazilah Ahmad). She is so lawa, for a lady 
at her age, Kak Ila memang lawa. Ex-stewardess. No wonder huh? heheh
We've been served  with mocktail and severel types of 'pastry-comel-comel-ape-tah-name-french-die'..
Sangatlah sedap sampai sekarang anak tekak still bergoyang-goyang berlanggar dengan saliva sebab terliur.
After a while, Angie introduced The Loft chef(s) to us. 
The first chef or the main anchor of the event will be definitely Chef Yukichi Matsubara, for your information, Chef Yukichi Matsubara is the Grand Chef of The Loft.
He's also 1 of the top 100 Iron Chef in Japan~ Cool isn't it? ^_^`
The second chef that Angie's introduce to us; Chef James.
Chef James  have been served  our  former Prime Minister, Tun  Dr. Mahathir for 2 years.
So, you can get the key of Tun's healthy diet through Chef why wait people, look out for him, and get him reveal Tun's most precious secret. ^_^`
We learn how to make pan pudding and choux.pastry.
Yummy! Yummy! 
I'll let the picture do the talking, but,not now people~
Got works to do, will upload pics tonight k~ 

Nota Kaki: The Busy Bee b'day is today! Yeaa~

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