Saturday, February 6, 2010

Foodie Day

Saturday is Foodie Day~
I woke up early this morning.
Found durian in the kitchen. Ting!
Tanak pulut and cook a pot af serawa durian/kuah durian.
Nyummy! nyummy!

Lunch hour husband told me no need to cook. hehe.
We have a date at 5 pm.
At 5, we went straight to Ikano.
Park our kuda,and went to Ikea first. Hubby need to survey his book & shoe rack.
Then we went to Curve.Hehe..for Marche. Yeeeaaa~
What do we had? Erm, hubby ordered grilled chicken chop with mashed potato,fresh orange&mango,
mine; grilled breast chicken, swiss mocha, rosti and cheese and for desert we ordered bread pudding.
yummylicious~ Total RM 74.00  ~KCHINGG!~

Enjoy the pictures babe~

Nota kaki: Burpp! Alhamdulillah~

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