Monday, February 8, 2010

Nasi Lemak

Hello Sunday!
Today, I have made my very own nasi lemak.'s kind of campak2 nasik lemak.
But husband gave me a thumb's up.
Haih, I am so happy. It's kind of encouragement for my.
Today, I match my nasi lemak with sambal goreng and telur mata.
Unfortunately, we are out of cucumber. Heheh..but still, licin 1 periuk
of nasi lemak. Senyum meleret la makcik ni satu hari..
Presenting; my nasi lemak...taaarrrraaaa..:

So, petang lepas abes mengemas buku and settle pasang rak buku and rak kasut, we went to Jusco AU3.
Reason? Nak pulangkan DVD yang disewa. We had our early dinner there. SUBWAY. Huhu.. Because Sunday is Teriyaki's day, we get foot long teriyaki chicken on parmesan and oregano bread.
Huhu..sedap~ But for those yang tak makan sayur, er..i would say kinda rugi sbb u miss a bunch of them.
I collected all of them in my sandwich. Ho Ho.. After food, straight away balik rumah, as my husband have to pack his things for Labuan. [Out station lagi..] So, tomorrow and a day after, I have to drive to the office.
Argghhh~ Tak suker..!

Tata u ollss..dah abes cerita.

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