Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Heheh..hye everyone~ [As if ada org yg baca] heheh.
Bosan la,takder sape nak diajak sembang, diajak bertekak.
Tapi takper, hubby will be home tonight. Yours truly akan pergi
menjemput Tan Sri kat Setiawangsa. Heheh.
I went to Jusco AU3 after work,today. [Now you know where we spend most
of our 'after work' time]
I want to return the DVD that I've borrowed last Sunday.
Then, I went to do some groceries. It's not a real groceries as most
of the item that I bought are for myself.
Heheh.. I get myself a mixing bowl, acuan karipap, corong tempat buat roti jala,
whipped cream, mcvities biscuit, 3 bottles of Nestle yogurt drinks [our weekly supplements] ;D,
dulang pembakar, VGood juice - Purple carrot with cranberries and mango with orange juice.
One more thing, I bought 4 biji of Chukanan mango. Not to forget pengayak tepung.
Yeaa..I'm going to make some kuih. But not this week,definitely.
We [me+hubby] are going back to SP, Friday right away after working hours.

Secret No 1
Remember my home financing? Heheh, DAH LULUS!!! Alhamdulillah.
So, saya nk gi jumper lawyer and banker untuk sign aggreement. Yezzzaaaa~
My mom, sujud syukur when she heard this good news.
Now, the renovation process [es] will take place. I can't wait~
[While typing this entry, I am waiting for My Super Sweet 16]

Secret No 2Saya lapar,jadi saya nak kongsi 1 lagi gambar makan2.
Suddenly, I miss shepherd pie.
Huhu. Picture below was taken on last Tuesday; if i'm not mistaken.
Jusco Alpha Angle.


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