Monday, March 15, 2010

Hello Monday~

What had happened to us last week? No news huh?
I have no idea on what to write or what to share. Blank.
I'll sum up here [I want to concentrate on my fav tv show btw]

After work, when straight back home. No power & water supply.
We both take a quick bath [thank's to the water tank], and 'Hello The Curve!'.
Hahaha..ya, we went straight to The Curve. We can see a lot of 
people going out of Bukit Antarabangsa. I can't stand myself without air-conditioner.
The eczema will kill me! ;)
So, at 10pm we left The Curve and reached Bukit Antarabangsa at about 10.30pm.
We stop at Craven Cafe for Milo and Apom. At about 12, we reached home.
Thank God, I can see the lights is on.

At 8.30am we went to MATTA Fair. We parked our car at The Mall.
Had our breakfast at Mc Donald's.
At 9.30am we start to line up at PWTC.
O em gee! Sangat ramai. 
We have to pay for RM3 each.
It's a bargain I would say.
After spending 3 hours at PWTC, I can say that Apple Holidays and Areetara, Krabi's staff really know how to tackle customer. Thanks to Zetty from Apple Holidays and Mr Narong Kiataree from Aonang Buri Resort.
We left PWTC at about 1pm. On the way home, we divert our route to Mid Valley City.
I'm looking for Amnah's wedding pressie. 
Psst! I bought a lots at La Senza. Hahaha.. Resit nyer panjang ya ampunn!
Malu pon ader. Hahaha.. For those who don't know me yet, 
I'll shop a lot at La Senza once or twice a year.ONLY.
Then we had lunch at Belanga and tea at Coffee Bean. 
We left MV at 4pm and reached home at about 4.45pm.
Husband take a nap while me do the ironing works.
After Maghrib we heading to KGPA's. 
The table setting was awesome! All the tetamu punya table dekat atas padang.
Lawaaaaa bangat! The decor, setting, door gift..and yang penting Amnah sangat lah gorjes.
Kurusss bangat.. plus her husband sangat ler manis. Bagai pinang dibelah dua.
Lauk pauk sangat sedap.
Gang IIUM yang terakhir tinggalkan majlis. If i'm not mistaken, we left KGPA's at about 11.
Reached Bukit Antarabangsa almost 12am. Again electricity supply interrupted.
I'm so panas ok, with baju yg bling2, and hubby with baju batik. Aduyyyaaii~
Husband reverse kereta, terus menuju ke Craven Cafe. Sib baik sekangkang kera jer. 
Dalam kereta, husband call De Palma. The nearest hotel to us.
I know he's damn tired. Plus he know that I cant stand the heat;again due to eczema.
We got a room! Balik umah, pack few stuff trus menuju ke Ampang.
At about 12.30 we reached De Palma.
Changed and zzzZZzzZZ..

Woke up late. Had our breakfast at the hotel's cafe. Buffet.
The food was ok for RM155/night. Hehehe..thou, we ate a lot!!
We left De Palma at 11am. Sampai rumah, kemas2 and cuci baju.
Alhamdulillah, api ngan air dah ada. 
Relax kan badan dan minda sehingga malam. 
Esok sudah mau kerja!

How's your weekend?

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