Sunday, March 7, 2010

To Let Go

Currently there are 2 items that I need to let go. 

1. Chloe Sunglass
    Bought it at nearly RM 1k. 
    Going to sell it off at RM 490 ONLY. Cheap no?
    Condition: One small stud is missing, however nobody will noticed it
                   because when you wear it, the stud will 'disappear' at the 
                   back of your ear.
    You will get the sunglass, the casing and the silk wiping cloth.
    Anyone interested, please email me at


2. Adidas Women

    The second item will be this shoe. 
    Bought it back in Singapore. 
    Barely used.
    UK Size 6
    To let go at RM 150 only. 
    Condition: Good [Barely Used]

    Anyone interested, please email me at

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