Monday, April 19, 2010

Today, I hate everything


Do not feel sorry easily.
Do not show your sympathy/empathy easily.
Do not trust your so called friend; he/she might stab you from behind.
Do not interfere in your 'friend-between-friend' argument because you end-up  will lose your other friend because of your 'pity little friend'.
All I can say, 'Bull shit!'
Please go; you and your shadow.
Move your ass and make your own way. Please.

p/s: Me? Lesson learned.


melia said...

kesian akak. takper,org mcm tuh mmg suka lompat2 kawan. who cares la die nk kawan ngan sape kan? tapi, ingat la sket kat kiter yg tak pasal2 bermusuh ngan org lain sbb nak back up die. org cam tuh,tak yah layan kak. Habehkan boreh yo! Btw, sape eh? sy kenal ker? kalo jumper, mmg sy tenyeh2 muka die ngan cili.heheh.. chill kak!

sshhh!! said...

it's ok dear, will always pray only the best for you. biasa la,manusia kan hipokrit,dan suka cr jalan nk dptkan simpati dan perhatian org lain. bila dh stabil, dia jilat lah balik ludah dia tuh. tak payah layan org mcm tuh, loq pon suruh u tak yah layan kan. kick he/her ass away. up up and awaaaayyyy~ btw, saper kaki pura2 nih?