Saturday, May 15, 2010

Krabi Day 1 [Part 2]

Hi ladies~ Where did we stop? Ok. Roti. =) Ok, the gerai that we first bought our roti is near to Sunset Hotel. For your information, after googling here and there, we found out that many tourist found that body massage at Sunset Hotel is the best in Krabi Island. You should try! Hehehe. We are not having any massage service. Too bad. While familiarizing ourself with Ao-nang town, we found out that there are more than 30 hotels/guest house/ room available. Pendek kata, if you really want to play to the max with no hastle in transporting from hotel to Ao-nang town, you can opt for any hotel located at Ao-nang town. I would suggest to you the Aonang Princeville. This hotel is certified halal and they even have a 'kiblat' direction for you in every room.
Ok,enough on Princeville. ;p We walk a lot in Ao-nang but Singapore walking experience are greater and tougher than here. Hehehe..  If you were to spent your time treasuring Ao-nang, tanpa rasa lenguh di kaki, ;) we would like to suggest that you rent a motorbike. We got our motorbike at RM18/day. Normally, they will hand over the motorbike with a little fuel in the tank. So, you have to fill it yourself at the nearest petrol station.

Useful tips: Ask them, where is the nearest petrol station. When you arrive at the petrol station, they will ask you how much you would like to buy. In our situation, we ask them what are the minimum amount. Luckily, the minimum amount is 50 baht (RM5). So, here you go! 50 baht please~

We rent our motorbike from this friendly lady. She has lotsss of motorbike for rent. So, if you happened to be in Krabi and looking for a motorbike to rent, go to her place. And make sure you get yourself a brand new motorbike without any accident history;for safety. In Krabi, pemandu yang kena pakai helmet. The one who ride at the back, tak perlu. =)

The kedai situated at the front of optical shop along Ao-nang road heading towards Ao-nang's Mc Donald. So lepas dah dapat motor, proses berjalan menjadi semakin lancar. =) 

This kakak-tudung-merah-gerai offer ice blended fruit juice and sandwich. Tapi awas, muka dia ketat. Eksyen la gamaknye. =p

This kakak, offer fried stuff. To name a few,nasi goreng, phad thai, paprik, pakapau. Sedap and she's friendly too~ =)

The gerai-gerai above situated in front of the Mc Donald's.

Husband~ =p

The lovely man! Tapi kat sini tak halal k. Subway, Baskin, Haagen, sumer tak halal.

Oh,penat meronda ngan husband berhenti kejap tengok sunset yang belum betul2 sunset lagi. =p

Masa tengah berehat ni, we are really exhausted. To the max. Imagine, arrived at 3, keluar semula at 4pm, until the dawn. So, lepas ni terus cari port for our dinner. First day here, we had our dinner at Aonang Princeville. =p I didn't order anything. I already had my nasi goreng @ gerai-gerai tepi jalan tu. So,husband ordered Pineapple fried rice, telur dadar and pepsi. Yours truly hanya memesan fresh orange juice. Tapi I punya orange juice tak habis pon! Reason? Di sini fresh orange menggunakan limau macam masa chinese new year;yang dalam kotak-kotak merah tu. Huhuh. My tekak cannot accept it. Rugi-rugi.

After dinner, kitorang mula mencari taxi untuk pulang ke Amari Vogue. How to get a taxi? Along Ao-nang street, there are few pit-stops with a standing sign board, showing their rate for every and each destination around Krabi. Semua sign board ni meletakkan harga yang sama. Macam standard rate la.. So, disinilah xtvt tawar menawar akan berlaku. Lucky us, we found this Muslim man, Yusof. His pit stop exactly depan kedai yang ada sign board Kodak. Memang ada satu jer. Standard price from Ao-nang to Tub-kaek [where Amari's Vogue is situated] is 500 baht (RM50). We make a deal with Yusof. We will hired him as our official driver until the departure at 400 baht per each trip. We closed the deal successfully! =) Alhamdulillah. Lepas tuh, terus Yusof hantar terus ke Amari yang mengambil masa 30-40 minutes per trip. It's time for rehat!!! 

Our first exploration.

One of the pool out of 7 if I'm not mistaken.

The drop-off area

The lovely ladies

Owh~ The comfy one

Complimentary kueh. Will be send to your room daily;at 8.00pm

Good night~ =p

p/s: Wait for Krabi Day 2 Part 1. Cheerio~


Nur Farahiyah said...

aduh..teringin phad thai..aritu try phad thai kt krathong x best lgsg! mcm k.teow goreng biase..too bad :(

ki said...

more more!!

Nurul+Hafiz said... ker farah? herm,nnt one fine day, kite gi mkn phad thai kat krabi eh. ni tepi jalan punyerr,sure sedap.hehehe..

Nurul+Hafiz said...

ki, hehe..soon.makcik ni kursus seminggu~ ;)

shu said...

wah best2.