Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Vacation Check List

 Picture taken from here.

I googled here and there and finally I have come out with a simpler mode of 'cheat-list' for vacation;my version. =p

Part A
1. gLee Glasses or Contact Lenses (checked)
2. Sunglasses (checked)
3. Slippers (checked-I'll using the previous Singapore trip punyer) 
4. Hat (checked-will get it there)

Part B
1. Chargers for all your gadgets. Cell phone, camera, laptop (checked-will show u my newbies.err..gadget i mean)

Part C
1. Multi-purpose wipes (checked-In my case;i am using Pureen baby wipes)
2. Lotion (checked-Rosken, Body Shop body butter) 
3. Sunscreen with SPF 15 above (Belum beli-will get 1 today during lunch hour)
4. Contact lenses solution (if necessary)
5. Hair brush/comb (checked-will get a new one at The Body Shop;today)
6. Facial cleanser/Toner/Moisturizer (checked-will bring SK11 traveller set;husband tea 
     tree set)
7. Perfume (checked-will choose one tonight)
8. Lip balm (checked- saw husband Kiehl's Lip Balm yesterday. ('__')"
9. Make up (checked-travel light,so will only bring my Olay, CD Compact, eyeliner, blusher,  
10. First aid kit (checked-Uphamol, Minyak cap kapak, Pil chi ki teck aun, 
       lozenges, handyplast)
11. Pad and Panty liner (checked)
12. Hygiene wash (checked- will get a travel size of Summer's Eve today)
13. Tooth brush and toothpaste (checked)
14. Mini size Shampoo and Body wash (checked)
15. Deodorant (checked)

Part D
1. Printout hotel/motel/resort/room reservation (checked)
2. Air ticket (checked)
3. Passport and Visa if needed (checked)
4. Cash, Credit Card, ATM Car (husband's task) ('_`)"
5. Zipper plastic bag (mine with white block;senang nak tulis on it)   
   (checked-will get 1 from the kitchen tonite)
6. Map (Important if u're travelling on ur own just like us ;p) (checked)
7. Pen & Marker Pen (checked)


adda_shariff said...

kak..cari spf30 ++..! (tak kesah at beach or wherever..when u r holidaying, we go out a lot kan..) nowadays UV rays r crazee! hihi

Nurul+Hafiz said...

heheh.adda,br balik dr guardian,spent $99.25 for SPF +aloe vera gel alone.haih~ kalo sunburn juga tatau la..heheh.