Monday, August 30, 2010

Appropriate question at appropriate time

It's not about you,it's about us
It's about our future
So, you please don't bother
Sometimes, it should be ok
But, all the times is 'serabut'
You make me puke with your question
You make me vomit-blood;thinking on how to answer your question
Raise your baby, take care of your family
Do not come in front of me everyday or every single opportunity you have;
only to ask 'When are you going to have a baby?'
It's not funny at all
Take not on this, n take care..

p/s: Once in a blue moon is ok my dear friend. Tapi kalau hari2 or ade jer peluang to ask, this is the question yg kuar dari mulut u, org tak pekak pon boleh jadi pekak. G'day!


Hunny MS said...

haha...walaupn hani tak kawen lg...but i hate that questions. Suka hati la bile nk ade baby, kan??
Nevermind kak nurul.....enjoy ur single life berdua puas2 dulu. i support u! :heheh D

zephyred said...

btul tu hunny..

bila kita tngah blaja org tanye..bila habis?

bila kita mengganggur org tanye..bila nak kerja?

bila kita tak single org tanye.. bila nak kawin?

bila kita kawin org tanye..bila nak ada baby?

bila kita dah ada baby org tanye..bila nak ada second baby?

eeeee, sebok sungguh! heheh, saye sokong kak nurul fren yg dah kawin pon suh je ckp 'if nak tau sangat semua benda, cuba tanya Allah! Allah je yang tau'


Nurul+Hafiz said...

herm..tu la kan.akk pon pening jugak..kalo setahun sekali tuh okeh la, ni kalo tiap2 bulan tanyer, kiter pon pening..
thanks hunny;thanks aween..~

p/s: aween, bersedia, ur time will come..hikhik. u too hunny~