Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bangkok Jam

11 February 2011- Friday
FD3572 - KUL-BKK
Departure time: 10:40 am
Arrival time: 11:40 am (Bangkok time)

Left Bukit Mulia at 7.30 in the morning.
Reached LCCT around 8.15. Encik gi park kereta @ Tune Hotel, while I'm doing the check-in thingy.
We had our light breakfast at one of the cafes there. This time, no Mc Donald's because we will be having our nasi lemak on flight. Hahaha.

The nasi lemak was good; as for a flight meal. =) it comes together with drinking water. But I really think that they should provide a slightly bigger cup than this. Just my 2 cents.

We reached Suvarnabhumi International Airport at 11.40am. They transport us by shuttle bus. Convenient comparing to LCCT. You get what I mean,no?

Free maps are provided at the airport. Convenience.
After collecting our luggage, we went to Airport Rail Link Counter. As our hotel situated at Sukhumvit Road, the nearest station is Nana Station. Erm, kurang lebey, macam ni:

Even though the distance from Nana Station to Soi 4 is quite near (not that far ;p), it is still tiring. Entering Soi 4, is a relief. You will find the first hotel welcoming u to Soi 4 is the JW Marriott. Maksudnya, tak sesat la tuh. ;) But still. Penat. Aging sign huh? While walking, our hotel's tuk-tuk pass by. Ape lagi? Hope in! Hahah.

This is the hotel lobby and Amari's Signature Welcoming Drink & Cold Towel.

Their welcoming drinks? Refreshing!

to be cont'.

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Nur Farahiyah said...

best dapat welcoming drinks..hari tu masa check in kat impiana ipoh dapat minah india (pelayan) tu cepat gila angkat cup sy padahal belum abis minum lg..poor srvice..haha