Friday, February 18, 2011

Trip to Bangkok

A teaser post.

Bangkok was OK.
Easy peasy for 'makan-makan'.
Every single ceruk is reachable via taxi or tuk-tuk.
Language is the barrier.
Currently, their Hard Rock Cafe is having a massive renovation. Too bad.
Their river;in the heart of Bangkok adalah sangat HIJAU; bukan 'Teh tarik' color ok.
Our hotel;AWESOME! Five hundred ++ for 4 days; we couldn't ask for more.
This makcik (read;me) is a spoiler. =)

Picture? Explanation? Next post ya?
Kan ni teaser post. (Giggle)



ki said...

Please dont make wait for long ya! Kesabaran ku senipis kulit bawang.

Nur Farahiyah said...

ok, nak gamba..sedapnye mango sticky rice :))

Nur Farahiyah said...
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