Saturday, February 5, 2011

A year wiser;I hope

I am getting old.
I am getting tired easily.
I am addicted to night cream.
I can see freckles on my face.
I can see fat surrounding my lower body part. Oh, at my waist too. Demm~
I can't watch my favourite show clearly;thanks to my eyes.
I can hold my temper;amazingly.
I can tolerate more than I used to be.
I realize that I own a pair of 'green hand' *clear your vomit now* =)
I want to be a better Muslim.
I want to learn baking from scratch.
I want to start my own business;soon.
I want to be a better Wife, Daughter and Sister.
I want to own my Master Degree in 2 yrs time from now.

Thanks to you, you, you and you.
You really made my day.

P/S: Still in 'pindah-randah' mode. Birthday treat;nil. But I am ok with that. Bless.

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